Shashi Tharoor's Reply To A Pakistani Girl Asking About 'India Occupied Kashmir' Is On Point

Shashi Tharoor's reputation as an orator - and an eloquent one at that - precedes him. 

During his recent visits to various US universities to launch his book, Inglorious Empire,Tharoor was asked about 'India Occupied Kashmir' by a Pakistani girl who questioned, "How long will we keep on talking about Kashmir and keep this as a bone of contention?"

Tharoor's amazing reply was followed by a detailed explanation of how Pakistan was created due to a logic that the Indian Nationalist Movement disagreed with. 

The Pakistani logic, as mentioned by Tharoor, was that "Pakistan is created as a result of one party wanting a state for people of a particular religion. Now, the Indian Nationalist Movement never bought into that logic. It always claimed to be a movement of every faith, every religion, every caste, every language, every colour and so on."

It is an undeniable fact, that Shashi Tharoor never fails to churn out apt and crisp replies to all kinds of questions pertaining to India; whether it's about the British Raj in India, or in this case, India occupied Kashmir.