BJP rejoices as nation ails: Shashi Tharoor

Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Thiruvananthapuram MP, said that while the nation was mourning the aftermath of demonetisation, the BJP was celebrating its first anniversary. Speaking to reporters at Indira Bhavan, Tharoor said the BJP actually helped black money launderers to convert their money to white.

Tharoor lamented that while all the countrymen had unpleasant memories about demonetisation, the BJP leadership was rejoicing. He alleged that under the guise of demonetisation, the BJP had bought crores worth land in Orissa and Bihar.

“It should be recalled that the BJP Government had proclaimed that black money worth Rs four lakh crores would cease to exist and the funding towards the terrorist activities would be brought down. But it has not happened. BJP’s claim that they would seize black money remained just a hollow argument”, said Tharoor.

He also added that 135 people were killed due to demonetisation which included small children and senior citizens. When hospitals refused to take old currency notes towards treatment, the valuable lives of patients were lost, he said.

“The BJP Government made countrymen wait in long queues by making hollow claims. Following the massive failure of demonetisation, they resorted to bring in another poorly researched reform in the form of Goods and Service Tax”, added Tharoor.