Zee JLF 2018 | I am accused by those who haven't read the book: Shashi Tharoor


We need to seriously take back Hinduism and face up to what it teaches because very often the alternatives that are being taught are dangerous to our social peace and cohesion, said author Shashi Tharoor at a Zee JLF on Saturday. I am being accused by those who haven’t read the book and, therefore, don’t see that the book is coming from a lifetime of reflections and practice, that I am suddenly advertising my faith for political reasons, rued Tharoor


The indefatigable orator for whom it was the fifth session of the day, was promoting his latest book,; Why I am a Hindu The Thiruvananthapuram MP touched upon an impressive array of subjects concerning faith, dogmatism, religious chauvinism and the question of identity revolving around faith


In our society, people are looking for an anchor. Sometimes they are getting it from gurus and godmen and godwomen. But there are instances when they have also felt cheated by those on whom they had pinned blind faith. We are looking at a situation where the search for truth and meaning has affected large numbers of people” he said


According to Tharoor, the so-called fundamentalist faiths, which offer a black and white view of the world, have provoked radicalisation. And then there are also reactions to radicalisation. Tharoor said that the rootless people, out of desperation, are clinging onto the wrong faith.

People are willing to immolate themselves over films they have not seen, burn buses or attack schoolchildren. There is something seriously wrong with society,  he said, while referring to the series of protests over the film

There is a great deal to be learnt from the Mahatmas of the past he said.

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