Media Reviews of The Great India Novel

"An entertaining tour de force"

Sunday Times

"Shashi Tharoor reinvents India with a dazzling marriage of Hindu myth and modern history"

Penguin Books

"Perhaps the best work of fiction written by an Indian"

- Khushwant Singh, All Asia Review of Books

"This is [a] fascinating novel. It made me sit up"

- P.Lal,Telegraph

"The Great Indian Novel is a masterpiece of Indian writing"

Sunday Observer

"Shashi Tharoor's brilliantly written book.....merits to be called a classic"

The Hindu

"Every sane Indian should buy a copy of this book"

Indian Express

"A brilliant concept, well executed and something in it for everyone"

The Book Review

"The Great Indian Novel might upset a few people, but more than that it will entertain and amuse"


"Certainly a Great Indian Novel...An almost reckless sense of humour, mixed with considerable wisdom" 

Sunday Herald

"A real tour de force only an Indian could write"

Financial Times

"Eminently readable"