Reasons of State

“Reasons of State”, based on Shashi Tharoor's doctoral thesis at the Flecther School of Law and Diplomacy, written in 1977-78, is a seminal study of Political Development and the making of India’s Foreign Policy Under Indira Gandhi during her first period of rule, 19966-77. Tharoor takes classic political development theory and applies it to the making of foreign policy, analyzing the functioning of the Prime Minister's Secretariat, political parties, parliament, interest groups and the media in the formulation of policy by Mrs Gandhi. The result is the first major study of India's foreign policy-making, written with the sharpness and insight that have always marked Tharoor's work. Required reading at many university courses on India's international relations, this is a masterpiece first book by the author Shashi Tharoor.

- Shashi Tharoor

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Reasons of State: Review by Donald S. Zagoria in Foreign Affairs, Spring 1983 Issue

This is a critique of Indian foreign policy under Indira Gandhi in the period 1966-1977, and it is one of the most thorough studies yet done of how Indian foreign policy is made. Tharoor is highly critical of Mrs. Gandhi\'s performance in those years

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